Extreme violence MOD 2022 for sims 4

If you hear about extreme violence mod for the first time, then you have missed this amazing mod. As it name says, this mod can surely add some violence and spice into your sims 4 gameplay. Extreme violence mod is created by a well-reputed mod developer, Sacrificial, they are also the proud creator of Life Tragedies MOD, Zombie Apocalypse MOD, Armageddon MOD, and Life’s Drama MOD. The latest version of the extreme violence mod is 2.3.3 which is only 34MB. This mod is a completely free mod for sims 4 and the creator does not charge you anything as of now.

Further, this mod is 100% safe and secure to use on your PC. In some cases, your antivirus software may flag it as spam due to the nature of mods. You can simply download the latest version on our website by clicking the button below. And if you have any problem downloading it, kindly pass the issue to our attention by contacting us.